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Additional Services

Material Sales Services

Most operators at times carry excess inventories of removed or shelf items not use frequently. Q-Enterprise can assist you to increase your revenue by unlocking stock equity. This can be achieved by the implementation of,


Tailored Marketing & Sales Program

Specifically tailored marketing and sales program increasing utilization of your rotable and non-rotable inventories.


Targeted Stock Disposal Program

Targeted stock disposal program to reduce your slow and non-moving inventories.


Meet Your Needs

Complete inventories or individual parts can be consigned, allocated or purchased. We will be happy to operate within a formal or informal framework to suit your specific needs and requirements.


We have successfully accomplished this with our customers to their satisfaction.


Component Overhaul / Repair Management Services

Q-Enterprise interacts with a number of FAA approved repair station responsible for repair maintenance and overhaul on all category of equipment including engines and accessories. We undertake complete management of aircraft, Avionics, accessories, hydraulic and related components, engines, undercarriage and airframe up to and including the  to B, C, D checks. We posses the technical know-how and expertise to quality check and monitor these inspections on behalf of our customer who cannot be available on the spot. We go through tear down reports interact with work being done and keep your COSTS IN CONTROL. This service can be tailored to specific customer requirements in a formal or informal arrangement. Our aim is to reduce your fixed and varied maintenance costs.

FAA Approved Repair Stations

We only deal with the FAA Approved repair stations of good repute in quality of work and meeting the time line that suits the needs of our customers, we also ensure that the parts used in repair of systems are procured from reliable sources at economical costs to keep the overall expense in perspective.


We have arrangements with qualified engineers and technicians to oversee the requirements and discuss the technical details in case the situation so demands.

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